How Brantano Reserve and Collect Works


The brantano reserve and collect service is one of the most convenient options for busy customers to buy their footwear. Most people have a lot of things to do each day, and shopping online makes things much more convenient. Being able to reserve the items you want online and pick them up at your convenience is a shopping method that many now prefer. With this service, you may reserve the items that you wish to buy, then collect them at your local shop. You only need to pay for your shoes once you’ve determined that they do fit properly. This eliminates a bothersome return process that would otherwise take much of your time.

Any items that are not Web Exclusives may be ordered in this reserve and collect fashion. Brantano offers men’s, women’s and children’s shoes in various styles and colours. The selection that you may order online includes holiday shoes, sandals, Wellingtons and trainers. You can order shoes for virtually any sort of occasion. Our service is quite easy to use, and you can feel completely confident about it. It makes the ordering process much easier, so that you can find the right shoes that you know will fit well. There is no need to cope with the hassles associated with getting shoes in the wrong size and needing to return them later. You can save a lot of time by not having to search about the store.

The reserve and collect ordering process for is easier than you may have realised. To begin, simply start shopping for the products you’re interested in. Everything is arranged by type, so that you can easily find the items that you need the most. When you reach the checkout portion, enter your local postcode. You will receive a list of stores that will allow you to select the correct one for your area. 150 locations are found throughout the UK, so you will be able to find a location that is quite convenient for you. Enter your email address at checkout so you can be notified when your shoes arrive.

It takes about 10 working days for shoes to arrive. A notification will be sent to your email address, so you will know exactly when you need to visit the local store. Be sure to print out the email, so that the staff will be able to locate your reserve and collect order easily. Try them on to make sure there is a proper fit. You will only be required to pay for the shoes after you’ve tried them on. If you wear a size that is harder to find, this may be a good option. Parents have also found that this is a convenient option for children, who may not like waiting to try on several pairs of shoes.

Before you order at, check the delivery and returns info for the footwear product you’re interested in. This will on the right-hand side of the screen for most items. This tab will tell you whether home or store delivery, or both, are available. You will also learn about the return options for that particular item. Another advantage of this option is that you can return store delivery products to the same location where they were picked up. This is a most convenient option that will save you a great deal of time. Consider using the reserve and collect service the next time you need shoes.

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