Currys: Reserve and Collect is a Great Way to Shop Online

There’s no shortage of people who are ready and willing to sing the praises of online shopping: it’s fast, it’s easy, it can be done 24 hours a day, and it requires no dressing up — or getting out of bed. But online shopping has its fair share of drawbacks, too. For many customers, it means waiting anywhere freedom three days to almost two weeks to receive the items they ordered from their website of choice, and the shipping charges associated with that process typically cancel out any savings a customer may have reaped via an online coupon or a special online-only sale.

Luckily, Currys believes there is a happy medium between the wait endured by online shoppers and the inconvenience endured by their offline counterparts. It calls this service “reserve and collect,” and it mixes the best of both worlds for maximum consumer convenience. If you want to shop online in the morning, and pick the item up free of charge that same afternoon, this is the best way to do just that. There are several steps involved, and Currys makes each of them easy, clear, and convenient for its customers.

1. Choose Your Items

This is the first, and most obvious, step to an online shopping experience. Using the Currys website at, add each item to your shopping cart using the company’s “Buy Now” button. Once you’ve filled your shopping cart with every item you need (or, let’s face it, want), then proceed to the company’s checkout interface using the “checkout” button next to the shopping cart icon, or on the full shopping cart website.

2. Eschew Local Shipping Options and Check “I’ll Collect from My Local Store”

The checkout page will offer a whole host of options for item shopping, from overnight delivery to standard ground shipping. Aside from these options, the company offers one which reads “I’ll Collect from My Local Store.” This option must be selected before the rest of the checkout process proceeds, or the order will be sent to the central warehouse instead of the nearest physical location.

3. Enter Your Postal Code or Town Name

Online shopping with an offline pickup option is no good if the Currys store you choose is halfway across the country. Eliminate the potential for this problem by entering your postal code — or, as a last resort, your town name — into the relevant box that asks for you location. Following this, a list of stores will appear and those stores will be listed in order from nearest to furthest away, so long as they have the items in stock which you wish to pick up that day.

4. Enter Personal Information

The next step of reserve and collect is simply to enter your personal information — your name, email address, phone number, and physical mailing address. This information is used for verification purposes and may be used for shipping if your items are not all available at the selected collection store.

5. View and Print Your Confirmation Email

Shortly after your order has been placed, Currys will send an email to the address used during checkout. This email will detail all of the items ordered, and those which are and are not available for pickup at the store you selected. It will often instruct customers as to the applicable waiting time and inform them of the next steps. This confirmation email also contains the order number and must be printed so that the customer can verify the order is their own when they arrive in store.

6. Wait an Hour, Pick it Up

Finally, the waiting period begins: typically fulfils orders within an hour after they’ve been placed, and will hold them for customer pickup until the selected store closes on the next business day. That gives customers between 24 and 48 hours to pick up their order and pay for it in the store. And it means no waiting, no hassles, and no shipping fees – reserve and collect a great luxury for online shoppers, indeed.

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