Halfords.com Reserve and Collect

Halfords Group plc is the top retailer in leisure, auto and cycling products in the UK. Founded in 1892, this retailer has 433 stores that sells over 11,000 distinct products, which range from automobile and cycling parts to camping equipment and GPS navigation systems. Halfords offers it’s customers several customised services such as “WeFit” installations for a number of different car components and accessories; as well as “WeRepair” and the newly established Reserve and Collect service. Online customers now have the ability to reserve a product online and pick it up at the nearest Halfords retailer.

Enabling online customers to reserve products they intend to purchase for in-store pickup has been a successful add on feature for Halfords.com resulting in impressive sales increases. This is a convenient service that allows customers to lock in the online price, while shopping from the comfort of their homes. Customers effectively avoid shipping fees and wait time by going directly to the retailer to purchase the reserved product.

With this innovative system, customers can easily reserve any selected item they are interested in purchasing as they are browsing on Halfords.com. As long as the product is in stock, it will be available to the customer when they arrive in the store to collect the item. There are no restrictions on the type of products that can be reserved for in-store pickup. Customers choose the store location where they want to retrieve the product after they have made their selection online. The products are typically ready for pickup an hour after the actual reservation is made and is held for the customer until the end of the next business day. There is no additional fee for this service and customers are guaranteed to receive the online price of the product.

The reserved merchandise is held at the price listed online, and this will be the guaranteed price the customer pays when they come to collect the product. If the customer has any questions about their purchase or the item, there will be a staff member that will be able to address any questions or concerns. The Reserve and Collect process is very simple to follow. Customers complete five easy steps as follows:

1. Go to online to Halfords.com and select the product(s) that are in stock for Reserve and Collect purchases.

2. Add the product to the online shopping cart.

3. Proceed with checkout and select the preferred location among the nearest five store locations.

4. Select the preferred store location where the products will be collected.

5. Enter personal contact information and confirm the online reservation.

Depending on what type of contact information is provided, the confirmation number for the reservation will be either emailed or sent via text to the customer. If anything goes wrong with the order, the customer will be contacted immediately with the details. This service is available within all 433 stores and is gaining in popularity among online users. Customers can easily locate the nearest store to their particular area by visiting the online Store Locator. The Reserve and Collect feature is a brilliant service that allows customers to check their local store and ensure a particular product is in stock. Customers reserve products online that will be waiting for collection upon arriving at the store.

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