Oasis Stores “Reserve and Collect” Option

A “Reserve and Collect” service is offered by many UK retailers. “Collect in store options” are most helpful when you do not want to wait for an item to be delivered or if you fear you will miss the delivery person. When browsing a store’s website simply add the item you want in your online shopping cart. Next, choose the collect in store option and use the store locator to find your local store. From there you will receive a confirmation e-mail and the item will be delivered to your local store.

The clothing store Oasis follows the same steps for the Reserve and Collect option as other stores. This option is available through many of their freestanding stores across the UK and Ireland. Once you order the item, a confirmation e-mail will be sent within 24 hours of the purchase. No delivery charges are added to your order when you choose the “collect in store” or “Order by Oasis” option. Keep in mind that only three items can be reserved at one time. Items are usually ready to pick up on the next business day unless otherwise stated. Oasis is unable to allow you to choose another day for pick-up. When your items are ready at the store, another e-mail will be sent to you. If you gave Oasis your mobile phone number they can also send a text message to alert you when your order is ready. Oasis does not charge you for receiving a text message alert, however, standard messaging rates will apply.

Oasis allows you to pay for your items once you go to the store to pick them up. The price of the order will depend on the prices of the items in the store on that day. The price could be different from when you placed your order online so take a little more money than the quoted price. If you chose an item on sale the price could go down, as well. Unfortunately, online codes or coupons cannot be used to lower the cost for orders that will be picked up at the store.

After you have received an e-mail or text alert that your Oasis Stores order is ready, print out the e-mail or keep the text open on your phone. Take these items to the store with you and ask any associate for help. Tell them you have an order for pickup and they will assist you. Be sure to collect your items on time as they will only be held until the end of the next business day.

If only part of your Reserve and Collect order is available for store pick up, those items will be sent to your local store. The unavailable items can be sent to another location for pickup or could be sent directly to your home via online ordering. Items from different locations can only be picked up from the stores that have them in stock and cannot all be sent to one store.

Changing your mind is part of life and if you do not need or want the ordered items, simply call the store and they will cancel the order. You can return the items as well by taking your receipt to the store where you picked up your order. Returns must be made within one month after the purchase or two weeks for sale items.

The “Order by Oasis” option is an excellent way to save time and money. If there’s a question with your Reserve and Collect order or you do not hear back from Oasis Stores after 24 hours, call Customer Service or send them an e-mail.

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