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PC World’s Collect@Store Service: A Novelty in Online Shopping

PCWorld.co.uk is designed with the tech enthusiast in mind: that is, they prefer to prevent people from waiting for their next tech gadget. And that can be a stressful process — after all, who doesn’t like ordering a new technological gadget and learning its ins and outs on the same day? In order to combat the stress of waiting for a highly anticipated tech purchase, PC World has added a shipping option to its list of available choices that will certainly please its most impatient customers.

Known as the company’s Collect@Store program, PCWorld.co.uk has introduced its very own reserve and collect service to its UK customers. This service combines the convenience of online shopping with the delight of picking up any ordered items the same day at a local retail outlet. The service is free for customers and simply requires a brief wait and that they pick up and pay for their order before it expires — and the products are placed back on the shelves. There are some unique quirks and services to go along with this service, so here’s how it works.

Items Available for Pickup are Limited

PC World, like most retailers, offers a far larger selection of products on its website than it does in almost any of its stores. That’s one of the luxuries of offering an online marketplace: expanding the inventory and increasing customers. However, because of this quirk, customers will find that not every item online can be picked up same-day in a PCWorld retail store. The company has clearly indicated on each of its products whether it is “online only” or whether it is available in their stores. Those which are online only cannot be picked up at a store under any circumstances, and a customer will have to deal with shipping fees and wait times as is typical of most online shopping.

Ordering Items for Collect@Store Pickup

When it comes to ordering a traditional in-store item for pickup on the same day, there are six easy steps for customers to follow in order to execute the process successfully.

1. Add to Cart

The first step is also the easiest and most obvious: put the item in the company’s electronic shopping cart. Do this for all of the items which you wish to pick up from the store that day, and when you’re finished, proceed to the company’s checkout page.

2. Elect to use the Collect@Store Service

During the first phase of the checkout process, customers will be presented with the list of available and applicable shipping options for their items. It is on this page that a customer should choose “I’ll pick up from my local store” instead of standard ground or air delivery selections.

3. Enter Your Location

The next step in the process is simply to provide the website with your town’s name or postal code so that it can check the inventory of your products at the stores nearest your town. It will then display a list of stores where the order can be picked up and completely filled — and customers can then choose which store they prefer to use.

4. Enter Personal Information

Next, the website will require the customer’s name, postal address, and contact information such as their phone number and email address. This information is required for communication about the status of the order as well as identity verification during the reserve and collect collection process.

5. Take the Confirmation Email With You

PC World will next send out a confirmation email detailing the items ordered. This email will instruct customers to wait an hour before attempting to pick up their item, and it will also include an order confirmation number. This confirmation number — and other information contained in the email — will help verify the customer’s identity and speed the process of picking up the order.

6. Pay and Collect

Finally, once the reserve and collect order has been filled and the confirmation email has been shown to store employees, the customer will pay for their order at the customer service counter and be on their way with their new items. Store representatives will be more than glad to help carry those items to a customer’s vehicle if the need arises.