Petit Feet Reserve and Collect

In our incredibly busy society today, one of the most tedious tasks imaginable is shopping. Shopping is the bane of many people’s existence, including those who work long hours, busy mothers, and those who simply dislike battling crowds in stores. Shopping at stores is an exercise in patience that many people fail, for many reasons. The crowds in stores can make it almost impossible to move around, or to find what is needed; the stores often run out of the sizes or styles wanted; and the queues to check out and get out of the stores can be unbearable. Many people look for any excuses they can find to get out of shopping, or to put it off as long as possible.

Shopping in stores can be especially frustrating for those who need special sizes or styles, in clothes or shoes. Many stores simply do not have those special items available, and those that do usually have such limited styles and sizes as to be completely unhelpful. Many of those who need these special items leave stores frustrated, and either without something they need, or with something that they just don’t like.

Luckily for so many, those who hate shopping and those who need specialised items alike, online shopping has alleviated so many of those shopping woes. Online shopping offers the distinct advantage of allowing shoppers to shop whenever and wherever they like, without having to try to get into stores. Online retailers also have a wider variety of sizes, colours, and styles for shoppers to choose from, allowing shoppers to find items online that may not be available in the stores. And for those who require special items, there are many online niche retailers who offer more selection in their specialty areas than will ever be found in stores.

These conveniences have made online shopping incredibly popular among nearly everyone, though it is not without its own drawbacks. Online shopping first requires that items be paid for with credit cards, which has major disadvantages. Hard as it is to imagine, not everyone has a credit card, and some who do are wary of putting their personal and secure information online. Even with security programs, credit card information is never really safe online, especially with so many hackers looking for personal information. Online shopping also requires having items delivered, which can be nearly prohibitively expensive. And the hassle of dealing with the delivery makes some shoppers want to give up.

Luckily for all the frustrated shoppers out there, retailers such as Petit Feet have solved the shopping dilemma once and for all. Using their great new Reserve and Collect delivery option, Petit Feet allows shoppers of their specialty niche to take advantage of all the positive aspects of online shopping, while completely avoiding all the drawbacks that keep so many away.

The Reserve and Collect system at Petit Feet is incredibly easy, and smart, to use. Shoppers go online to, and shop Petit Feet’s amazing collection of ladies’ small sized shoes and accessories. When selecting an item for purchase, there is a button underneath the “Purchase” button that reads “Reserve and Collect.” Using this button makes an order, which is then submitted to Petit Feet. Shoppers enter their postcode to find their nearest store, provide their email address and mobile phone number, and are done with their order. PetitFeet will send a confirmation email immediately, then a text message when the order is ready to collect. Shoppers simply print out their confirmation email, and then collect their order within two days of its arrival. Items are paid for in store, so no credit card is needed, and delivery is free.

The Reserve and Collect scheme at Petit Feet is innovative and geared totally toward busy shoppers. It is the next revolution in shopping, available today.