Reserve and Collect through

Sainsbury has provided customers with excellent customer service since 1869. When the company expanded to Internet retail, their reserve and collect service became increasingly popular. Consumers may reserve the products online and collect the products in the store locally. This process saves the customer time by eliminating the need to circle the aisles in search of products. Customers simply go to a single point of contact to retrieve their items and pay.

How Reserve and Collect Services Work

Customers may simply go online and select from thousands of items available for purchase. Customers may add the items that they desire for purchase to the shopping cart. After the shopping process is complete, the order may be submitted for review. A representative in the store will collect the items and place them in a central location. The customer may provide a general time for pick up and arrive to the store to retrieve the pre-selected items.

Customers no longer have to circle the aisles searching for items. This service is akin to having a personal shopper on hand. This service may be beneficial for people that have limited mobility or do not have a lot of time to navigate through a large store. Customers that are on a budget are more likely to adhere to the budget and less likely to forget items if they plan beforehand and pick up the items. The service is also convenient to those that simply have a shopping aversion. Reserve and collect services are becoming increasingly popular for the convenience they provide.

Types of Products that May Be Reserved

At Sainsbury, customers may reserve a wide range of products. Customers may reserve perishables and grocery items, home and garden items, electronics, appliances, toys and sports and leisure items. Some of the most popular items in each category will be explored.

Grocery and Perishables;
Are you planning a dinner party and do not have time to shop? Consider using reserve and collect services as a time saving tool. Customers may reserve beer such as Stella Artois online and pick it up at the store. Wine, adult mixed drinks, cheese, biscuits, drinking chocolate, tea, ingredients for the main course and other items may be reserved and collected at the store for a dinner party.

Televisions, iPods, MP3 players, computers, cameras, camcorders, gaming software and countless other electronics devices may be reserved online and collected at the store. Smaller electronics such as iPods, MP3 players, laptop computers and cameras are easily reserved and collected at the store. Larger items such as televisions may require a large vehicle or truck to transport the item home. This is a convenient method of shopping for electronics.

Traditional methods require consumers to arrive at the store and to locate a salesperson for retrieval of electronics behind a locked case or from the warehouse. This process may require between five and 20 minutes or more depending upon the number of customers in the store. The process will be accelerated, if the electronics items are pre-ordered and waiting for the customer.

Other Items;
Appliances, such as washing machines and toys may also be retrieved in this manner. Public holidays and the lead up to Christmas are an ideal time to reserve and collect items and avoid the busy crowds.