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Vision Express Reserve and Collect

You had to work late on the one day when the family is coming for dinner, the children need to be collected from football practise, and you have to collect your husband from work because the other car is in the garage to have the brakes replaced. This week will be the busiest ever, with extra work due to another worker out with the flu, one of the bosses on holiday and orders piled up in the in basket. You need new glasses but you’ll never have the time to go and get them. Allow Vision Express to help.

The next time you go to their site online at, look into the many ways they can help. First, go through the catalogue of frames to choose the ones that fit your face and your fancy. Upload a photo of yourself facing a camera and then virtually try on the frames you’ve chosen. You will see how you’ll look wearing the glasses and you can interchange the frames until you get the look you want just right. They can do the same with sunglasses. All this from the comfort of your home, not rushed nor pressured during a working day.

When your choice is made, simply click on reserve and collect. The frames you’ve chosen will be at the store nearest you when you’re ready to come in. If the store nearest you does not have the frames in stock, it won’t take long to overnight them from the warehouse. When you come in, they’ll match the frames you’ve chosen with your prescription lenses. If you need an eye test for a new prescription lenses, they will do that for you. Then all you have to do is collect your new glasses at the Vision Express store nearest you and enjoy.

Although it isn’t included in reserve and collect, they offer some important services to help you choose and maintain your new glasses and sunglasses. For example, feel free to take advantage of the experts who will give you style tips. The first thing people notice about you will be your eyes, so you want to show them off to their best advantage. The shape of your face and hair colour has something to do with it, as well. The style expert will study the shape of your face and if your eyes are set close or wide. Then the style expert will suggest what exquisitely fits your face and personality.

Since glasses are an important investment, taking care of them will save you time and money. Scratches on the lenses, loose screws, nosepieces that pinch, all these things can make your new glasses experience less than perfect. Please allow Vision Express to help you with items like nose pads so you’ll be able to breathe if your glasses pinch your nose, glasses screwdrivers that keep the arms tightly in place and not crooked on your head, lens wipes to keep your lenses clean and moisture-free, and even sport bands to keep your glasses on properly during activity.

Life today can be frantic, with work and family obligations pressuring us so we have no time to take care of basic needs, such as new glasses. And because life is lived today online, Vision Express go there to take care of those basic needs. Sitting on the sofa in our living rooms, comfortable and not harried, we can appreciate those who bring to us the opportunity to reserve and collect those needs. The pages of choices and the virtual try-on is handy in aiding your reserve and collect decision.