Warehouse.co.uk Reserve and Collect

For those who work long hours, who spend hours picking up and dropping off kids, or who are otherwise busy, shopping can be one of the most frustrating tasks imaginable. Getting to the shops, trying to find the right items in the right sizes, then standing in long checkout lines to pay is both a waste of time, and can wear on anyone’s patience and good humour. Dealing with crowds while trying to find great prices and styles is nearly impossible. For this reason, many people these days avoid stores completely.

Online shopping has been the answer to the prayers of those who have begun to avoid stores, allowing anyone to shop nearly anywhere, at any time. The convenience of online shopping is unparalleled; it is easy to browse all available items, in all available colour and size combinations, and quickly make a purchase. Online shopping means not having to deal with crowds, lines, or item sellouts. Shopping can be done anywhere there is a computer or smartphone, and dealing with stress and impatience is not an issue at all.

However, there are drawbacks to online shopping that have been a cause for concern, especially as technology evolves. First are the security concerns involved with paying for any item on any online site, which usually requires a credit card. Though all sites now have security built in, there is no fail proof way to keep personal information safe. And with hackers constantly trying to dig out sensitive information, credit cards are better kept offline. Add to this those who simply do not wish to use credit cards, preferring cash as payment, and there is a serious gap in service.

Also a major drawback to online shopping are the sometimes ridiculously high delivery charges associated with online shopping. It is not uncommon to pay just as much in shipping charges as for the items purchased, raising the question of whether the whole purchase is worth the cost. Add in the slow delivery times for some postal recipients, and this can be a frustration that online shoppers are trying to avoid.

Luckily, some stores have begun new programs to alleviate all of the stress of shopping, even shopping of the online variety. Warehouse has instituted a new and innovative online shopping scheme that not only completely alleviates the stress of shopping, it addresses and solves all of the concerns that are associated with online shopping. With Warehouse’s new program, called Reserve and Collect, shoppers are able to buy items online and collect them in their local store. This is a groundbreaking program that will allow shoppers to avoid frustration and have a great shopping experience.

Reserve and Collect, through warehouse.co.uk, is incredibly simple to use. Shoppers simply browse Warehouse’s vast collection of women’s clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories and make their purchase selections of up to five items. At checkout, besides the delivery options, there is an option to reserve the items in a store. Selecting this option allows the shopper to search for stores by postcode, and chose the standalone store they wish to collect from. There are onscreen instructions which are clear and simple to use, and guide the shopper through all steps of using this new program. Best of all, there is no payment required at the time the items are being reserved. Items are paid for in the store, when the shopper collects them, with either a credit card or cash.

This fantastic new program offered by Warehouse is innovative, tailored for their customers, and completely free. This ease of shopping is great for everyone, and could lead to a complete revolution in the way everyone shops.